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smoke and we learned pope benedict xvi was elected. in the crowd, now, the anticipation is building. >> marci, thank you. the smoke signals are about technology and also about chemistry. katie marzullo has that part of the story including lighter moments during the wait. >> the news conference lasted two hours this morning with three priests, the vatican spokesman answering questions in multiple languages. when the topic towns to the chemical makeup of the smoke it got hazy hazy. >> we will take a huge risk in describing the chemicals because i only received the names in italian six minutes ago. i studied the bible not chemistry. >> he did the best he could. >> the black smoke we have colored potassium, and something else that i don't know what it is which is very powerful, and zinc. >> rather, it should be sulpher. the black smoke signals no pope, the white smoke means a new pope five cartridges and up to seven create a lot of smoke. it is bad for the art or the people? >> they left the sistine chapel in good health and the frescos are in perfect condition. >> there are cardinal wh
to date of pope benedict xvi. >>> good evening and welcome to a second look. pope john paul ii came to san francisco at the time that the city was at the grips of the aids epidemic. what the pope did helped to comfort those with aids. he reached out and touched them offering a blessing an hope of healing. we have a report from that day. beginning with rita williams who was at mission dolores with the pope's visit to the california's oldest mission. >> reporter: john paul ii warmly greeted those along the center aisle of the pope. some of the 900 invited guests. the pope then approached the nine pews of aids patients. and certainly the most moving moment came when 4-year-old brendan ororke reached out to hug the holy father. little brendan contracted aids from a blood transfusion at birth. the pope then moved to other aids sufferers, most of them gay. it was the first time the leader of a catholic church has met directly with aids sufferers. from there the pope went alone to pray in the old mission. the oldest building in san francisco. in prepared remarks the pope proclaimed the unconditio
election, benedict xvi revised that to make sure the new pope had very widespread support throughout the world. he reintroduced the old condition that the pope has to achieve at least a 2/3 majority. in this case, 78 votes is a minimum out of 112. that is 2/3, plus one. because 112 is not divisible by 3. it would be extraordinary if the pope had only achieved it by 78 votes. he probably had even more. that indicates to me that, as i said, if it is not a compromise candidate, it is somebody who the cardinals, a considerable number of the cardinals decided very, very early, probably last evening or even early this morning, that was the man that they believed was best equipped to lead the church through this very difficult period, where there are so many huge challenges, varied challenges. they are so varied. we are trained in north america and europe to be very eurocentric and america centric -- americacentric. in africa, there -- perhaps crisis is too much. the problems and challenges of the church in africa are things like animism. i hope i don't sound condescending. i imagine there
this will take. we estimate about 45 minutes, chris, based on the tick tomorrow if you will, of bpope benedict xvi. i feel like we are bursting from the seams here because of the moment that we are watching. so something like this, just takes your breath way. >> i have to believe around the world as well, there's so much anticipation. that's all people are talking about. but look at this crowd, this long street going down from st. peter's square, and people have been pouring in. and we saw them huddled together for hours and they are shivering. it is as if there is some wave of heat that's come over the crowd. i think the adrenaline, excitement, anticipation, you can see the flags of so many countries, including frankly. countries that don't have cardinals so they won't have a pope from their country but they are joined in this sense of excitement. and of possibility. because i think everyone knows you don't have to be an american catholic. you don't even have to be catholic to understand the challenges that have faced the church. to understand history made when pope benedict stepped down and
think are coming to us. >> yes, the former pope, pope benedict xvi, he already said that he pledges his loyalty and reverence to the new pope. he's sort of first in line to instruct how to greet our new pope. >> you may hear viva il papa, long live the pope. the thousands upon thousands who don't yet know who the pope is hoping for long life. and one thing, a youthful man, they're trying to attract young people, the young people are the heart and soul and vibrance of the church and hoping to bring in more young people. a younger man was the thought. last time among a bunch of people and this time. the balcony. it's true, the youth of the world are the future of the church. that's what we're looking to inspire. >> shepard: it's 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the west coast, 8:00 p.m. in rome and vatican city. i'm shepard smith and this is fox news continuing coverage of the next pope. $1.2 billion catholics around the world, so many of them watching a tv set on continent after continent waiting for word to spread we have a pope. the announcement 53 minutes ago. the guidance from the hol
, but unusual blessings i think are coming to us. >> yes, the former pope, pope benedict xvi, he already said that he pledges his loyalty and reverence to the new pope. he's sort of first in line to instruct how to greet our new pope. >> you may hear viva il papa, long live the pope. the thousands upon thousands who don't yet know who the pope is hoping for long life. and one thing, a youthful man, they're trying to attract young people, the young people are the heart and soul and vibrance of the church and hoping to bring in more young people. a younger man was the thought. last time among a bunch of people and this time. the balcony. it's true, the youth of the world are the future of the church. that's what we're looking to inspire. >> shepard: it's 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the west coast, 8:00 p.m. in rome and vatican city. i'm shepard smith and this is fox news continuing coverage of the next pope. $1.2 billion catholics around the world, so many of them watching a tv set on continent after continent waiting for word to spread we have a pope. the announcement 53 minutes ago. the g
in 1979. and the focus of the most recent visit by pope benedict who addressed the clergy scandal during his visit just five years ago. [ female announcer ] now your best accessory can be your smile. with colgate optic white toothpaste. it whitens over 2 shades more than a leading whitening toothpaste. and try colgate optic white mouthwash. to whiten more than 3 shades use the whole whitening line from colgate optic white. >>> the history of papal trips to the united states is a short one. in fact, the first papal visit took place in october of 1965 when pope paul vi visited. he gave a mass and visited with children. >> i thank you for the flowers all your presents and i know that you are good children. are you good? certainly. and i give you my best wishes and my blessing. >> reporter: it would be 14 years before another pope visited the united states when john paul ii made the first of seven trips here. anchor dennis richmond began our coverage of the pope's arrival in the united states on october 1, 1979. >> reporter: several hundred digni
the road. it's not kick -- i don't think they are kicking the can down >> stephen: tonight, pope benedict's last day in office. he will now just be the vessel through which god watches game shows all day. [ laughter ] can anyone stop the sequester? come on asteroid! my guest jon favreau is president obama's longtime speechwriter csm we nail him? yes, we can. girls gone wild has filed for bankruptcy. maybe those girls should have gone business school. this is "the colbert report". ["the colbert report" theme music pl captioning sponsored 1# comedy central [cheers and applause] [crowd chanting stephen] [cheers and applause] thank you so much. [cheers and applause] welcome to the report. thank you for joining us. when you chant my name like that, you make me feel one toke over the line. [ laughter ] the top story tonight has to be the dramatic news coming from the world's most powerful religious leader pat robertson. [ laughter ] you know, in a world full of war and poverty and moral decay, pat is willing to confirm the eternal questions. on monday he did it again. >> this is kerry who says
from cardinal dollan that the new pope plans to visit the old pope, the pope emeritus benedict the benedict the xvith this thursday, shep. >> shepard: what does this mean according to the analysts of the future of the church, amy? >> well, it just means so many things. this announcement is so rife with symbolism. the first jesuit pope. the first pope from south america. from latin america. it's possible that this will reenergize the catholics in that part of the world hemisphere many who have been turning to ehe van gel evangelical christianity in the past. he explained it himself francis. that's widely associated with poverty and with peace i think pope catholic church clearly he is very traditional in his values as all of frankly were. a lot of people see him as something of a reformer. a man of conscience. a man of consensus. i think that there is a lot of excitement right now among many, if not all, of the world's 1.2 billion catholics this evening. shep? >> shepard: amy kellogg in vatican city tonight. in the streets of buenas air was. people have been crying and laughing
bergoglio succeeds benedict xvith, who was the first pope to retire in 600 years. pope francis is the first to take the name francis and he's the first pope in the history of the church to be chosen from the global south. joining me now father joseph mcshane. he is the president of fordham university. father walter modrys, he was pastor of st. ignatius loyola patience in new york city for 19 years. john degioia, he is the president of georgetown university and in nashville, jon meacham. he is the author of "thomas jefferson: the art of power. " i'm pleased to have them. father mcshane, were you watching to see who would come out and were you surprised at who stepped up? >> i was i was in my office with my staff, i was walking across campus a little while before. heard the church bells rings which had been silent since benedict stepped down. we all crowded in and watched and i was stunned. we didn't believe it was possible. first jesuit. >> bruni: you heard his name mentioned before though, right? >> he was mentioned prominently in the last conclave but not all that prominently this time aro
-- >> reporter: in filling the void left by benedict's stunning resignation, just over a month ago, pope francis offered a prayer to his predecessor. >> translator: first of all, i'd like to offer a prayer for our eminent bishop, benedict xvi. >> reporter: his upbringing was simple, the son of a railway worker. one of five children. as a teenager he suffered a major health crisis, having one of his lungs removed after a serious infection. he would become chemist by trade, turned jesuit priest. in his ministry, he's known primarily for his work with argentina's poor. he also passed on residing in the archbishop's ornate palace. choosing to live in a small apartment outside buenos aires, and cooking his own meals while regularly riding a bus or his bicycle, instead of the limousine at his disposal. he is first the jesuit pope from latin america. home of 40% of the world's catholics. he asked for a prayer for himself. >> translator: let us pray silently for me. >> reporter: and then for all the rest. >> translator: let's pray always for each other. let's pray for the whole world. may there be a gre
of the last pope. the last pope is still around. pope benedict is now pope emeritus. because he ended in resignation not death, it has not happened in 600 years. the former pope will be around and living on the grounds of the vatican as the new pope takes over. we have the retired pope, pope benedict and the new pope, pope francis. much more on the new pope and what we know of his history and what it means for the church and the politics of the church this hour. that, of course, is the big world news story today. domestically, the big news story is the big political news that just happened here on this network. >> what is your name and what are you all about? >> my name is scott prouty. i'm a regular guy, middle class, hard working guy. you know, i think i would like to think i have a good moral compass and a core and i think i have a little bit of empathy. i think i have more empathy than mitt romney had. i don't know how to describe myself, but i was behind this whole thing. i was bar tending that night for the romney fund-raiser. >> my colleague, ed schultz just broke the news toni
. that turned out not to be the case. he put on a rock star show. pope benedict when he took his name was doing it in honor of pope benedict xv whose mission was to reunion -- reuni-fi. >> it tells us a lot. the name they've chosen for themselves they're trying to telegraph what type of leader they'll be to. >> to catholics worldwide and the other cardinals. >> megyn: we're told after the protodeacon announces the pope the new pope we're told will likely give greetings in several languages then speak in his native language or perhaps in italian. john and i talked about how john paul ii struggled with his italian but it only made the crowd love him more and he said if i make a mistake, you will correct me. everyone loved him. we'll see what the pope's native language is and whether he chooses to go to it. one of the front runser is from milan. after that the new pope will be expected to celebrate mass with the cardinals in the sistine chapel on the days following the election. an important part of this process. then jo
it with meeting with meeti meeting pope benedict the 16 td. lauren green is live with more for us. >> this is the most exciting day. we made the comment it is sunny this morning. yesterday we were waiting for the white smoke it was raining and pouring and frenching. pope francis made an appearance. there's a lot of ex ub brakes because of that. let me bring in father melcher. before we knew anything about the conclave now we have pope francis. he's a series of first a first from the southern hemisphere the first from america the first jesuwit he is the first pope francis. >> because there are so many unprecedented situations i was shocked. i looked around i said who is this guy? whaerd the word in latin. there are only two georges, george pell and hojorge. he appeared on the balcony all of us rushed to look at him and to welcome him cheering and the crowds were going wild. >> the parps were saying talking about the odds makers they had their favorites and long shots. he was on nobody's list. why is that? >> if you look at perhaps other segments of society other people had perhaps
in the teaching of pope benedict. what benedict did was to teach us about jesus. this man is going to show us jesus' face and i'm absolutely convinced of that. and it's a moment of great surprise, and an institution that prides itself on tradition, and sometimes a tradition that doesn't really free us. he's going to take us back to the tradition that's freeing. and to remind us who we are. because every time -- we have had some difficulties over the past years. >> i think back to eight years ago when i was here. and the sadness, obviously, following the death of pope john paul ii. and to be in the square on this night, there was such joy there, and such reverence. such silence at times when people were kind of reflecting and praying. praying silently, sometimes praying out loud. but the silence really struck me. >> yeah, the silence, and also when he came out on the loggia, hello, everybody, good evening. not a normal greeting. and he didn't follow the script. he decided to connect with people. this is a bishop coming to meet his people. rome has been without a bishop. he wanted to bond with
pope benedict. i don't know this gentleman. >> pope benedict used 12 individuals including cardinals bishops priests a monk, a husband and wife and two children i thought was very interesting in reading the history of this. pope francis has chosen six cardinals instead. but it can vary depending upon the wishes of the new pope. >> well, i think also, it's very interesting, i read that they're going to be the main celebrants will be the patriarchs of the eastern catholic churches which i think can be quite significant. we could read a lot into that, seeking to unite in a more solid way, east and west. >> those of you who may have been following the conclave immediately upon the appointment of the pope, all of the parties in the conclave in the sistine chapel engaged in what is known as acts of obedience and pledging fidelity to the new pope. but this is done publicly also to remind the audience of the elevation of the pope. now, after the inaugural mass i understand that, father the new pope will visit the tomb of st. paul, apostle for the gentiles at the basilic
. this time around, you don't have a death. you have a retirement. pope benedict is still alive. and so there is much more of a joyful atmosphere, i think. >> that's right. as large as the crowd in the square was here last night, you were here eight years ago, you remember that massive tidal wave of humanity that rushed through rome in the immediate aftermath of john paul's death. they estimate between 5 million and 10 million people came to the city in those days. there was a very atmosphere that was quiet, reverent, somber, because these people believed the church just lost a great pope and a great man. this time there is no equivalent outpouring of grief because pope benedict xvi isn't dead. >> there is an urgency, an excitement. anderson has been walking around. you know the city very well. being around the people here today, they want to know who the pope is. the pageantry of it. there is also an expectation and an urgency here. this is a moment, as we're saying on the screen, smoke could come at any moment, this is true. we're finishing up the tallying of the last vote of the day
thing that struck me, he keeps referring to himself, not as the pope. you'll remember, benedict, and john paul ii. the pope says. the pope is here. what he said, the bishop of rome. he keeps underscoring this part of the ministry as bishop of rome, which is a slightly different emphasis. >> i thought there was a sense of accountability here. he asked people in positions of responsibility, and economic, political and social life, all of the men and women of goodwill, let us all be protectors of creation. he took this opportunity to reach out to the crowd who is there. >> he knows who is there, too. he spoke not only to heads of families, heads of household. but he talked to civil authorities, directly. recognizing this message is going out to all the world. this is part of his mission as a preacher at that level, to speak to every segment of society. >> let's remember, too, he took the name pope francis. pope francis, who prayed with brother sun, sister moon. the environmental message here should not be missed. talk about protecting creation. it came up a few times. remember, pop
the church bells rings which had been silent since benedict stepped down. we all crowded in and watched and i was stunned. we didn't believe it was possible. first jesuit. >> bruni: you heard his name mentioned before though, right? >> he was mentioned prominently in the last conclave but not all that prominently this time around. which was giving outlines and thumbnail stretchs for the last several weeks. so it was stunning. >> bruni: president degioia, as surprising to you as father mcshane? >> it was, this combination is truly extraordinary and poses a unique moment for the church >> bruni: had you hoped for him? was he on your mind at small >> no. like father mcshane this came as a surprise but we were all wondering whether this might be the moment where the conclave might turn to the south. look to where the church is right now in the americas, this is the largest part of the roman catholic church and the church in the southened s growing and we thought this might be an opportunity to be inclusive in terms of the leadership. >> rose: father mad mad reese, you're a jesuit. was he on your
to get it back together but this was a mission of pope benedict xvi and your sense on whether a moment like this, which is so magnificently explicitly catholic is something that can advance that process. >> yeah, i certainly think it can. i was present at the inaugural mass of pope benedict and when you are present at a ceremony like that and you see people from every continent and perhaps every country in the world and people from every religion, the symbolism, you want it to become substance, you want it to be more than symbolic, it's not just a great emotional moment, it's a great spiritual moment and it gets you thinking about what might be. i mean, it's no accident. you said earlier about, you know, the power evidenced by the vatican when you see people from all over the world and other religions coming. it's not just power, it's inspiration and moments like this, they're grand, they seem lofty but they're to lift you up to help you see the possibilities and with this effort with the orthodox representatives there, with the representatives from other religions, it's an expression
. ashley: it is such an unprecedented move last month pope benedict xvi resigning saying he could not conduct the duties of the office anymore. a big moment. tracy: the vatican saying right now he probably will not attend the inaugural services. with that, we're going to send this to liz claman taking you through the last hour of tradi trading. stay with us. thank you very much. we may get the honor in this hour to announce just to has been named pope and what we will do throughout this hour, keep up this shot to route on our screen, what we call the big little. the big screen might have guessed that we are speaking with. a whole bunch of red business guests. we will keep this shot up. tracy and ashley. over 1 billion catholics. many others in the world might not be catholic just dying to hear who this brand new pope will be. riright now he is being fitted y the people taylor and his new papal garments. the issues, of course, doesn't product issues? prod amex issues. and that is a publicly traded company on the italian exchange. as we look at all of this, the big question will be
. starting with pope benedict's resignation, there was something very unusual in the catholic church's history. chances for change, for firsts, for novelty. you have that resignation. then you have the unusual energy at the general congregation for foreign cardinals saying they wanted more accountability and they didn't want to just rush into things. now we have pope francis. he is a first on so many levels. he is the first pope from south america. he is the first pope since the original, peter, from outside europe. he is the first pope to call himself francis, which is very significant, because francis of assisi was about humility, eschewing all the trappings of wealth and helping the neediest. that is the message the church needs now more than ever so the name is very significant. as a side note being elected on five ballots hasn't happened in a hundred years. this cardinal bergoglio needs a little context. this is the man we believe finished second to benedict in the last conclave. and just today a retired cardinal had told us, hey, you know, you're not mentioning bergoglio. why n
it right here, america. >>> while pope benedict departed with the help of a helicopter and twirt, we got an update on the search for his successor and the age old form of smoke signals. black smoke signifying a look of a decision. but awaiting that smoke to turn white, our anchor. >> reporter: greetings from rome. what a day it was. you can feel the weight of history in the air. the overriding suspense in this city. who will be the next pope? today the secret and mysterious process to choose the next pope began. it was just really an awesome day here. storm clouds gathered over st. peter's basilica almost as if god himself wanted a somber setting for a solemn day in the history of the catholic church. inside the cardinals and symbolically all the faithful gathered for one last mass. a reminder that this whole election in the belief of catholics is a kind of worship, a kind of prayer to pick the next pope. outside in the square, a few pilgrims, some romans and the curious gathered in the afternoon gloom waiting for this moment to begin. in solemn procession singing the litany of the saint
pope benedict was chosen and co -- and father bergoglio was the runner up. what do we know? >> the resistance that he was not a political person and that he walks the talk, if you like. -- there is a sense that he is not a political person, any he walks the talk if you like. he did not have a coke. he did not have a chauffeur. he very much wanted to be seen to be for the people, so he really did have that aura around him. it has come as a surprise that had he has been elected because he is 76. this suggests the cardinals do not worry about another resignation. this has set a new direction for the church. >> how unusual is it for a catholic cardinal to be wandering around. this is a very high organization. is this a mark of somebody in a different role at? >> people call him jorge. that is very telling. there are a lot of cardinals like fat. we tend to think of them as those concerned with hierarchy and break. i think he is endeared toward st. francis and maybe want to walk in his way. >> i saw one of the key characteristics the pope had to have was a sense of humor. do you
, as the cardinal of cable, i'm giving you nave to narthex coverage of pope benedict's resignation in my new series "popewatch: inde-schism 2013." [cheers and applause] remembers -- remembers folks -- remember, it has been over 700 years since anyone has voluntarily depoped themselves. [laughter] well, buckle your chausable, because there are dramatic new developments. we all know that when a cardinal is elevated to the papacy, he becomes the heir of st. peter there choose a new name. so, naturally, now that benedict xvi is leaving office, he has asked that we call him simply: benedict the xvi. [laughter] okay. okay. that's understandable. he doesn't want to have to get new towels and stuff. [laughter] but that's not all. he says he's still going to be pope emiritus and his holiness, continue to wear the white robes and live in the vatican. [laughter] folks, that means there's going to be two pontiffs. we're one pope over the line-- sweet jesus, one pope over the line. [laughter] [cheers and applause] it'll be chaos. you can't have one vatican with two popes. it's like gotham with multiple batmans.
: the beloved benedict xvi who we give all of our gratitude. >> applause and praise that benedict did not hear, at least not in person. he's in seclusion at the papal summer residence. as for the man praising him, cardinal anglo sedano, the dean of cardinals over 80 too old to help choose a pope or in all likelihood to be chosen himself. who among them might be? those who say publicly don't really know. those who might know, the cardinals they left st. peters. one last moment, in plain view, retreated inside the sistine chapel where they took an oath. then, uttering extra on this outside all the vatican official closed the doors and the cardinals got to work. all day, people waited in the rain for the mass for the cardinals for a chance to see, perhaps, a new pope. >> i think it's wonderful. i think benedict was a great pope. everyone is excited to see who the next pope will be with great anticipati anticipation. how different and how much the same he will be. >> as the evening deepened, all eyes on the stove that would signal white smoke for a pope and black for not. >> if we got white smoke,
by a man who arrived as a cardinal, and left as a pope. >> benedict xvi in this moment, renewed our gratitude. >> reporter: applause and praise that benedict did not hear. he's in seclusion. as for the man praising him, and presiding this time, cardinal angelo sodano. he's over 80. too old to help choose a pope or, in all likelihood, to be chosen himself. then, in one last moment, retreated inside the sistine chap chapel, where they took an oath. then, uttering extra ominous outside all, the vatican officials closed the doors and the cardinals got to work. all day, people waited in the rain for a mass for the chance to see, perhaps, a new pope. >> i think it's wonderful. i think benedict was a great pope and i think everyone is very excited to see who the next pope will be. so it's great anticipation wondering how it's going to be different and how much the same he will be. >> as the evening deepened, the crowds grew. all eyes on the stove where the papal ballots are burned that would signal white for a pope and black for not yet. >> if we got black smoke tonight, i would be stunned
the way pope benedict xvi hoped and that could be part of the reason he's no longer pope. >> it's fair to say there was infighting and lack of enthusiasm for everything the pope did. there was disorder and mismanagement on the order of a butler stealing documents and no one finding out. the curia is filled with many interesting people. popes always bring in new people but i have a feeling that the people who are greeting the pope tonight are very pleased to have this man as pope. >> shepard: with the overriding function of the church to spread the gospel, and to bring people to christ, is this man -- well, he has a daunting task ahead, but -- >> start with the name he picked. saint francis, probably the most beloved saint in the world, a model and inspiration not only for franciscans but every catholic. noncatholics love saint francis. i think there's going to be a speer of love surrounding the pope. i think he'll do a great job. >> shepard: thank you so much. we'll have continuing coverage through the afternoon and evening here on fox news. i'll be back with you tonight at 7:00 easter
benedict xvi called human ecology. in it, we have responsibility for each other and he's going to call us to exercise that. >> one of the things we have seen during the early days, we saw it during the audience with the media, he ad libs. he speaks off the cuff. after the ministry of pope benedict, which tended to be scripted, something people found charming and refreshing. >> very christ-like. [ speaking foreign language ] >> translator: dear brothers and sisters, i celebrate the holy mass of this ministry on st. joseph, the spouse of the vir gin mary and the papal church. there's a rich and significant coincidence and named of my pred assessor, full of affection and gratitude. i offer a warm greeting to my cardinals and bishops and all the lay faithful. i thank the representatives of the other churches and communities as well as the representatives of the jewish community and the other religious communities for their presence. my cordial greetings go to the heads of states and governments, the members of delegations throughout many countries in the world and a diplomatic core. in the go
tuesday. according to reports, pope benedict xvi doesn't plan to attend. in 2005, jeb bush headed the delegation. president obama offered warm wishes to pope francis i. he said i look forward to working with him to advance peace, security and dignity, regardless of faith. >>> we are learning the pope francis i is scheduled to meet with pope benedict xvi tomorrow. the meeting will take place that papal retreat south of rome. the news of the meeting was over heard from pope francis i himself. and we have more coverage of the new pope at 5:30 p.m., live to rome where tens of thousands gathered. plus the catholic church is still facing many challenges. experts tell us how pope francis i can turn the page on the sex abuse scandal. >>> a driver died in a crash on highway 101 at 2:14 a.m. the chp said the driver drifted into had center divide, over corrected and ended up in a ditch. three passengers suffered injuries. they have not released the name of the woman. >>> barbara boxer questioned whether the military made an error when the u.s. military dropped rape charges. jeremy goulet was
the sheep on his shoulders. it carries 5 crosses. 5 crosses the same as benedict xvi used it will be placed on his shoulders by the cardinal and after the inqucan i significance. there is a lot of symbolism. >> every archbishop receives the palium by the archbishop. pope benedict is a little different but it has the same he can act meaning. pope benedict is not only pope but it remind the faithful over and over again is the bishop of rome. he is taking very seriously that call from everything we have seen him do to sbe a real shepherd from when he has gone to the local parish in the vatican and celebrated mass to sign for example at his angeles on sunday as he talks to people as if it was his local parish. >> he will receive the fisherman's ring. the fisher of man. it is the ring presented to the pope by the cardinal the first odd of bishops and it bears an image of saint peter. it was designed and the ring was in possession of the archbishop who was the 6th personal secretary and passed on to send it to pope francis through another cardinal. it is made of silver and gold. it is a michigane
among us. "just as i appreciated our work with pope benedict xvi, i look forward to working with his holiness to advance peace, security and knit dignity for our fellow human beings". >>> americans are excited at the possibility that new leader can mean a new start for a church that many believe has lost its touch. >> i think we need some life. i think we need some energy and cred bltd. and so that's what i'm hoping for. >> it's wonderful that we finally have a pope that can represent a large piece of community. latinos and a lot of people who need the support. >> he has so many issues to take care of. just so many. and i'm going to pray a lot for him. >> for progressive american catholics, he's not likely to deliver the changes they hoped for. it's something i asked new york cardinal timothy dolan about just a short time ago. >> the issues that americans talk about most. >> sure. >> things like gay marriage and lbgt rights and celibacy for priests and contraception, they're expressing disappointment because they feel he won't move the church in what they see as a forward direction.
was finished. unique situation, the place we are in the vatican now. with pope benedict still aliv alive. >> yes. this is completely unprecedented in modern history. really, we have never had a pope resign for reasons that the pope did that he was tired and that he needed to rest. on the other hand, he said he would dedicate his life to prayer for the church. pope benedict, pope emeritus said he would swear his obedience to pope francis. >> bret: how will he be different? >> there is another st. francis. he will be different because he has a different personality, a different the emphasis. the fact he comes from the new world. he has that mentality in the new word, which is kind of like an explorer, setting out. i think he is going to be adventurous in the good sense of the world. try to find new ways to proclaim the gospel. as a jez it with, h it jesuit, d man. i know they are serious scholars and they are demanding on the students. i think he will be demanding on us as faithful to serve the church with our whole hearts. >> bret: the first jesuit pope. what is interesting today, i heard
to be watching. because this is when in the last conclave, this vote is when pope benedict xvi was chosen. even though we hear this conclave may take longer than last time, this was the vote they're about to start right now. it's a good time to be on smoke watch. now we have some headlines today. there was a vatican presser, an opportunity with father lombardi and a couple others came out and were talking. we're going to play you a little sound from it if we have it to play. they said they were getting a lot of phone calls about smoke in the sistine chapel. take a listen. we don't have it. i'll tell you what they said. they said we got a lot of reports about smoke in the sistine chapel but the cardinals are all okay and the frescoes, the paintings are all okay. they did not say there was no problem with smoke. when i bring in john allen in a little bit you'll understand why there is a basis for that cause of speculation, given what's happened in the past. we also learned that the pope emeritus, pope benedict xvi has been watching on tv a little of theses going on, the entrance to the conclave,
had been widely mentioned as essentially the runner up to pope benedict. he was someone who quietly was making his mark on the church. as you mentioned, martin, he was someone who got great respect because of the very quiet and simple way that he lived. and the way he lived his belief in ministering to the poor. in being humble. he is someone who is very well liked. very well known. it's also interesting that out of that last conclave, some documents that leaked said that as the vote was being taken and he looked up at that magnificent painting in the sistine chapel of the last judgment, at least one cardinal thought he was looking at it and saying, please, god, don't do this to me. he is a very humble man. and yet a very warm man. and certainly we are seeing celebrations throughout latin america, in churches across the world, where this growing population is really so enthusiastic about this church. and a man who has had great compassion. a man who has shown time and time again that he is willing to be humble but now the leader of 1.2 billion catholics. and you have to wonder, much
with the archbishop who was a runner up to pope benedict xvi. he told the crowd the cardinals had to go to the end of the world to find a new pope while praying for him and pope mr. advertise benedict. he's a jesuit the first in his order to ascend to the papal throne. their mission is focused on the front lines of their congregation. jorge mario bergoglio known for his humility, abandonment of the trappings that come with the office. he's known for his advocacy for the poor. he's spoken about how globalization has hurt the under privileged noting latin america is a region that's grown the most while reducing misreary the least. catholics hoping for a pope that might give in on some be social issues. he's believed to be orthodox in bitter control and same sex marriage. he's taken priests to task for refusing to baptize children born out of wedlock. he left with these words pray for me i'll see you soon. >> a wonderful report. i liked the part about riding buses i really do. sounds like he's more of a pastoral priest. >> that's what you you've heard about him. he spent most of his career in argenti
ratzinger, now pope benedict xvi, pope emeritus. bergoglio is the compromised candidate, 76 years old, but he could be a unifier. think about it. that was quite some prediction. i didn't hear it on any other network. so congratulations. but tell me, he's a fascinating man. he did come quite close before, as you said, which people hadn't really picked up on. but he is the first latin american pope. how significant is that? because they could have gone for an italian, they could have gone for the first african pope, but they went with latin america. why do you think they did that and why him? >> reporter: well, it's interesting. a lot of decisions always make sense in hindsight, right, piers? before bergoglio was written off by many because he had had finished second, he was older. there were some concerns about his health. and also there was some concerns about his reluctance to take on this kind of task, very simple life, taking the bus to work and all the different anecdotes we have heard. and yet he's also the perfect choice. latin america is where this church is growing strongest.
that benedict xvi said is that the future of the church is in the latin american region. that was a few days before he left his papacy. it might have been a sign that, to the cardinals that that is the region or the direction where they needed to look when they had to make that very important decision in the sistine chapel. >> of course, it is also an enormous moment for hispanics in this country. the reaction has been powerful. tell us a little more about that as well. >> definitely. this is a latin american story. it has become the hope of so many. as we know, the catholic church in the united states has grown because of immigrants. because of his spannics. because they are so catholic, most from mexico. of course the reaction in mexico was also very positive. an overall excitement in most of latin american countries to have someone that speaks their own language. that understands the problems that latin america is going through. and certainly, now pope francis, francisco as we call him, he has confronted the argentina government on many occasions because of poverty and because of some of
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